GHI On Call Emergencies

Calls considered an emergency are those which could result in damage to property (either GHI's or the member's), or which may result in danger to health or safety of a member.

The following list has been approved by the Board of Directors.  On-call employees will use professional judgment to identify whether other circumstances may constitute emergency scenarios.  To reduce costs to the cooperative, members are encouraged to only request services that are truly of an emergency nature.

GHI will strive to provide a prompt and professional response to all emergency requests. 


  • Fire in unit
  • Pressurized water pipe leak, or sound of running water under unit, frozen pipes
  • Sparking fixture or tripped breaker
  • No heat during winter months
  • No hot water (after 10 p.m., members are encouraged to wait till the next day)
  • No water
  • Lock-Out (Member will be charged for lockout service) 
  • Sewer Back-up
  • Kitchen sink clogged
  • Toilet back-up
  • Tub back-up
  • Gutter overflowing and leaking into unit
  • Leak into unit at electric fixture
  • Sump-pump running excessively
  • Broken window/door
  • Running faucets (More than a drip)
  • Broken plumbing fixtures (toilet, faucets, etc) that render component inoperable
  • No electric, no lights
  • Tree down, dangerous limbs overhanging common walkways, disrupting traffic, or causing danger to property or person
  • Broken sink trap, leaking to floor or cabinet
  • Roof leak into unit
  • Garage door will not open (Vehicle Inside)