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Greenbelt Homes

City of Greenbelt

Emergency Maintenance Service


Call 301-474-6011 
24 hours, 7 days a week 
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Police, Fire, or Medical Emergency



Police Emergency call 301-474-5454 (Greenbelt police emergency line). 

Fire or Medical emergency, call 911.

No Electrical Power

For storm related power loss, downed power lines, and no power to entire unit/court please contact Pepco first 877-737-2662.

For partial loss of power to unit call GHI emergency line 301-474-6011.


Routine Maintenance

Appliances and cabinetry

All appliances and cabinetry (including kitchen and bathroom cabinets and member-installed garbage disposals)

Only if damaged by insurable event.



Electrical Equipment

Smoke detectors, all member-installed electrical equipment (including ceiling fans, light fixtures, garbage disposals, a/c units, exhaust fans, etc.)

GHI-installed electrical equipment including hot water heater repair/replacement.

Exhaust fans and garbage disposals (larger town homes only)

Other coverage only if damaged by insurable event.


Exterior facade and siding

Exterior facade painting. Cleaning of all siding. Installation, repair and maintenance of siding on block homes.

Acceptable exterior paint colors

Repairs to siding (frame homes, larger town homes and additions on addition maintenance program). Repairs to brick/block facade (masonry homes).

Other coverage only if damaged by insurable event.


Heating and Cooling

Member-installed non-standard heating and cooling systems.

Baseboard heaters, ceiling heaters, kickspace heaters.

Gas furnaces and central air conditioning (larger town homes only)

Other coverage only if damaged by insurable event.


Landscaping, tree care, yard upkeep

Shrub care, general plantings, lawn care, leaf removal. GHI yard care 

Pruning of trees taller than eight (8) feet.

Gutter cleaning.

Swales and drainage improvements.

Read GHI Planting Policy

Weekly yard waste collection.
Call 301-474-8004 to schedule a pickup.

Painting, flooring, and interior finishes

All finish wall coverings (paint, wallpaper, paneling, etc.), non-original floor covering (tile, carpet, etc.), care of original hardwood floors. Repair and maintenance of non-original tub wall tile and/or tub surround (including caulking). Blinds and other window treatments.

Repair of original black 9"x9" floor tile (masonry homes). Repair of original wood floor (brick, frame and larger town homes).  Repair and maintenance of original bathroom floor tile and tub wall tile (larger town homes only).

Other coverage only if damaged by insurable event.


Pest and Rodent control

Basic hygiene and care of unit. Note; A member may be charged for the cost of pest control treatment if the pest activity is caused by the member's activity, negligence, or lack of cleanliness in the unit.

Routine interior and exterior pest control services

Call 301-474-6011 to schedule service.

Rabid animals, stray animals, and exterior wildlife problems call 301-474-6124


Non-standard faucets and fixtures (including most bathroom/kitchen sinks)

GHI-installed fixtures & bathtubs, sinks, waste and supply pipes.

Other coverage only if damaged by insurable event.


Sheds, fences, privacy screens & trash enclosures

Installation, repairs, and maintenance (including painting)

GHI permits required for new installations


Sidewalks and steps

Member-installed sidewalks, paths, pavers, and other hardscaping.

Maintenance and replacement of permanent concrete walks/steps (original or added by GHI).


Maintenance and replacement of City-installed sidewalks.


Snow Removal

Sidewalks serving personal unit.

Snow removal on common sidewalks a serving multiple units and court parking lots.

Snow removal on City sidewalks and streets.

Structural Repairs

Additions not enrolled on addition maintenance program.

Repairs to structure of main unit and additions including roof, walls, masonry/subflooring, original porch stoops and roofs, gutters and downspouts.


Trash, Recycling & Yard Waste Collection

Recycling, trash and yard waste should be placed in service side yard on weekly pick-up day. Yard waste must be bagged in paper bags for pick up. Call City for special trash and yard waste pick-up - 301-474-8004.


Recycling, trash and yard waste is picked up weekly by the City. Recycling bins provided - no sorting required.

Call 301-474-8004 to schedule a special trash or yard waste pickup

More information on City refuse/recycling



Members are responsible for paying for their electric, water, phone, internet and cable. Service problems should be reported to the provider. 

GHI crawl space policy provides information for access by utility providers.




Broken glass, torn screens, storm doors, non-standard windows and doors, lock change. Blinds and other window treatments.

GHI-installed entrance doors and windows (includes sills/sash/frames, door knob and lock repair, caulking and weatherization.) Exterior door trim paint (on planned basis).

Other coverage only if damaged by insurable event.



All repairs made necessary by negligence of member or guests.

Existing original clothes lines posts of the masonry homes.



**NOTE: This chart is provided as a basic overview of responsibilities. Please refer to the complete GHI handbook for detailed information and specific requirements.