Greenbelt Homes is a housing cooperative of townhomes in a walkable, wooded community near Washington and Baltimore.  Join our community.

Photo by Celestine Ranney-Howes
"Every day I look out my windows at the beautiful woods. I wonder why I didn't find this place 20 years ago." (Photo by Celestine Ranney-Howes)
GHI Townhomes
"Amazing the many opportunities to volunteer time and talent for the benefit of community."
Drawing of Greenbelt by Isabelle Gournay
"Where it's normal to smile at strangers, say 'Hi' and make conversation." (Artwork by Isabelle Gournay)
Photo by Doriann Asch
"A green ethic and clothes lines..." (Photo by Doriann Asch)
White flowers
"Everything is so green, and the air is fresh."

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