GHI Departments

Finance Department

The Finance Department safeguards the cooperative's assets, acts as the purchasing agent, processes members' monthly co-op payments, disburses payments to vendors, and coordinates the operation of the warehouse, among various other financial duties. The administration building has a secured slot near the front door to drop off your monthly co-op payment or payment on Fee-For-Service work 24 hours a day.

The Finance Department offers members a personal contact for problems regarding any financial matter of the cooperative, including any outstanding balance owed, the easiest way to make your payments, or supplies available to the members from the warehouse (free of charge). Learn more.

Human Resources

GHI's HR Department is responsible for employee recruitment, external and in-house training opportunities and referrals for resources on job accountability and advancement. Workplace investigations or personnel interventions are done here. Any employee needing a compassionate ear will find a visit to HR helpful. The HR office works with managers and staff to ameliorate issues such as harassment allegations, time and attendance issues, general misunderstandings, policy and procedure clarifications, etc. This office serves as the administrating overseer for GHI's health benefits plans, workers compensation and 401-K plan.

Maintenance Department

The Maintenance Department is responsible for the upkeep of the original structure of GHI homes, as well as any additions enrolled in the addition maintenance program. Maintenance handles member service and repair requests, fee-for-service (FFS) inquiries and proposals, and implements many scheduled capital improvement programs. Tree trimming, removal of dead trees, mowing and leaf removal in common areas and pest control services for member homes are also handled through the Maintenance Department.

The Maintenance office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday and 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. every other Friday. To place a service request during these times, please call 301-474-6011301-474-6011/ 301-474-4161301-474-4161 ext. 1127 or use the on-line service request form. Members are asked to call in for repair service as soon as a problem is detected. Member may be charged for cost of repairs caused by negligence.

The Maintenance Department also provides after-hours emergency maintenance service for board-approved emergencies. Click here for a list of board-approved emergencies. To place an after-hours emergencies service request call 301-474-6011301-474-6011. Operators will route calls to the on-call GHI Maintenance employee. Please note, operators can not log non-emergency service requests. Alternatively, please call 301-474-6011301-474-6011/ 301-474-4161301-474-4161 ext. 1127 or use the on-line service request form for non-emergency service request.

Management Office

The General Manager is responsible for the overall management of the Cooperative, including staff hiring and development, contract negotiations, conflict resolution, planning and public relations. The General Manager is hired by the Board of Directors to implement its policies and procedures. GHI provides a full complement of services to its members under the direction of the General Manager and department directors. They work cooperatively with the Board of Directors to form the Cooperative's management team.

The Special Assistant to the Management Office/Communications Coordinator provides administrative support and calendar management to the General Manager. She also oversees and coordinates all incoming and outgoing communications on behalf of GHI's Management Staff and Board of Directors, manages GHI's social websites, maintains a member volunteer database, as well as develops surveys and analyzes the results.

Member Services Department

Member Services is a multi-faceted department. As the first point of introduction to Greenbelt Homes we provide positive and accurate information to members and visitors who call or visit the office. It works with members to help diffuse and solve problematic situations and provides resource information available within the City of Greenbelt.  The department maintains corporate records and files.

It serves as part of the property management team for Parkway Apartments owned by our subsidiary corporation and GHI homes approved by the Board for short-term leasing, as well as rentals of all GHI storage facilities, It facilitates the rental process through verification and documentation of all necessasry tenant information.

The department coordinates IT services, including administering contract and referrals to contractor as necessary.

Technical Services

Technical Services regulates modifications to GHI homes and yards, performs re-sale inspections, conducts engineering studies, and prepares and supervises contracts. It plans and coordinates capital improvement projects, engineering, inspections, and service contracts for the Cooperative.