Exceptions to GHI Rules

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Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Often, members are interested in proposing something that is different than what is set forth in the GHI Rules and Regulations. The Board of Directors has taken individual members' right to present alternate considerations into account with a process for dealing with exceptions. §XX Exceptions to Regulations deals with this process.

Usually, these exceptions are requested relative to construction or appearance-related rules in conjunction with the GHI permit process. The rule states, in part:

Requests for such exceptions shall be presented in writing at least ten (10) days prior to the Board meeting and will not be considered by the Board without prior consideration by Management. The request should state from which regulation the member is seeking an exemption and why. If neighbors are affected, a written statement from the neighbors on the issue should be included.

Members have often sought immediate action by the Board of Directors by appearing at a Board meeting to request an exception. However, in many cases, in order to get the opinion of those more familiar with the specifics, the Board of Directors will most often refer the case back to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC), as further explained:

Management may refer the matter to the appropriate committee for its recommendation before presentation to the Board.

There is no form that is universal for this procedure. However, you may articulate your written request by email or printed copy to Technical Services. It can begin as follows (use your own words as you wish):

Dear Architectural Review Committee/Board of Directors,

I have submitted a request for a permit for {scope of work} at my home at {address} on {date}. I was advised by Technical Services that it is in conflict with GHI rules in these area(s):
§##.#.#. {quote the rule}

My reasons for requesting these exceptions follow.

§##.#.#. {state the deviation, explain why you are requesting it so}


Thank you for your consideration.


If you are interested in seeking an exception, you will need to provide a written explanation of the reasons that you are seeking a deviation from GHI rules.